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Our LocationNasatra, Muktapur, Kamrup(Rural)

Our Mission

  1. To encourage teachers and the student to be friend in the learning process.
  2. To promote a student friendly atmosphere to encourage them to be self-reliant and self-employable.
  3. To promote extra-curricular activities simultaneously with curricular activities.
  4. To mould the students into socially conscious human beings.
  5. To foster and inculcate moral and spiritual values among the students.
  6. To develop a transparent and responsive administration.
  7. To undergo self-analysis and self-discovery leading to elimination of bottlenecks in the context of a holistic framework.

Our Vision

Patidarrang College stands firm to reach the top among the best institutions of the state by generating quality human resources through promotion of quality education and thus to mould the society to cope with changing need of time.