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Department Profile

The Department of English, Patidarrang College came into existance along with the establishment of the college in the year 1989. At the initial stages the department offered general English and Alternative English courses under “Three Years Degree Course (TDC)” of Gauhati University. The Gauhati University granted affiliation to both the courses in the academic session 1999-2000.

The Major course in English was started in the year 2007-08 and Gauhati University granted affiliation to the major course in the session 2008-09. The Department of English has been striving to facilitate holistic development of the students. Besides teaching English Language and literature to develop the communicative performances of the students in English as well as to develop their creativity. The department supports students for training and placements by providing them basic communication skills to face the interviews in the competitive world. Apart from this resume writing, group discussion and other language training is provided to the students to support their all round development. In support to this aim the department of English organized a programme in spoken English in the year 2022. The faculty has been working towards that end with full commitment. At present the department has three full time dedicated teacher appointed by the state government as tutor assistant professors under fixed pay.

Besides the regular classes are done through traditional lecture method. The department conducts seminars group discussions among the major as well as general students. The department also gives regular assignments to the students, besides conducting regular sessional tests. The department also conducts extension resources in near by schools of the area where students get involve actively.

Mission of The Department
  • a. To develop National and International competencies amongst students by imparting the four skills of language learning – listening speaking reading and writing.
  • b. To provide quality education to contribute to society including the economy and culture.
  • c. Reaching out learners living in remote areas of Kamrup District.
  • d. Collaborating with various colleges of Assam for advancement knowledge and skills.
Visions of the Department
  • a. To make our students learn the History of British (England) who ruled India for almost 200 years that is from 1558-1947.
  • b. To make the students good communicators in the society.
  • c. To promote national and International understanding through quality education.
  • d. To build a healthy character and social commitment through English language.
Objectives of the Department
  • a. To develop communicative skills and performance of the students in English.
  • b. To develop the knowledge of vast English literature of the world amongst the students.
  • c. To develop employable human resource.
  • d. To increase and develop the creativity of the students.
  • e. As English is the official language of India so we try to make the students familiar with the language.
  • f. To encourage faculty members and students to pursue academic excellence.
  • g. To provide quality education to students that empowers the students to have a sound career.

Faculty Members

Mr Paramesh Dutta, HoD
Md. Mukutar Rahman
Mrs. Rashna Kalita



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