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Department Profile

An Overview of the Department : Assamese

The Department of Assamese is running smoothly with good team spirit through the faculty members of the concern Department. Department launched its journey in 1992-1993 session as General and Major subject. Intake capacity for Major/Honours in B.A !st semester is fourty (40). There are four fulltime teachers in the Department. The Department has produced many students both Major/Honours and General throughout the years. Most of the students of the Department have established themselves in various sectors, especially as accomplished teachers in various Schools, Senior Secondary and in College also. They keep touch with the Department as Alumni.

Greater patidarrng area (Now a days, Patidarrang is commonly known as Pub Kamrup) is situated in the eastern region of Kamrup district. Patidarrang is a rich resitory of folklore materials having specific characteristics and distinctiveness which itself has its own uniqueness in respect of language and folklore But exploration, collection and study of these materials in real sense of the terms have not been fully attempted till now. Therefore, The Department encourages the students to do Field Study & project on Folklore materials of entire locality of Patidarrang (Pub Kamrup) area and doing initiate to focus on folk literature, folk Culture and Language. One of our students has persuing Ph.D on the subject of traditional religious customs and traditional games of the said area.

Besides teaching, the Department has been organising many activities for the benefit of the students. The Department has organized many events like Departmental Seminar, Exibitions on seasonal festival, Workshop on folklore, Educational exchange programme, Cultural show, Student activities on literary works like Poem writings, Story writings, recitation, Quiz Competition etc.

Mission & Vision of the Department :

Our goal is to provide superior quality education, Our attempts to contribute to the society and culture through research , projects and extension activities, Our efforts to gain knowledge to the students regarding Assamese literature , Language and Culture , also efforts to gain knowledge on comparative study on some other Indian Literature , like Bangla, Hindi etc.

  1. To provide knowledge of Assamese Language and Literature among the Students.
  2. To introduce the basic concepts about the Indian Literature and literary critiicism among the students.
  3. To provide Knowledge of Assamese culture & folklore.

Faculty Members

Mr. Tapan Kumar Sarma. HoD
Dr. Banalata Kalita
Mr Dulal Ch Sarma
Mrs. Sangita Baishya



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